Making your children the star of the show

At CALPOL®, we know what it’s like to be mums and dads, which is why we think our adverts should be as real as we can make them.


So this time, we got real mums and real children involved, using Facebook to help cast our latest TV spot.

What does ‘normal’ mean to you?

When your little one’s ill, you can’t wait to get them back to normal – even if ‘normal’ is running around with a saucepan on their head, or eating grass!

We asked mums on Facebook to tell us what normal means to them, for the chance to have their little one appear on TV.

Could you spot the winners in our ads? In the ad set in the department store, it was Georgie, in the opening shoe scene. And in the ad set in the supermarket, it was Samantha, who’s taking a big bite of baguette near the end!


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